A platform where teachers and programmers collaborate to create STEM lessons taught with the help of interactive visualizations.

About Dynamic Learning

What is Dynamic Learning?

Dynamic learning is an open-source online platform where STEM teachers can collaborate with creative coders to create, share, and present lessons that make use of interactive visualizations created using web technologies like p5.js.

What dynamic learning aims to accomplish?

Science and Math have helped us a lot in understanding of the Universe in which we live. But when it comes to getting answers to very deep questions about it, we are nowhere near. A famous author once said, "We are at least 5 Einsteins away from understanding why does the Universe exists". Dynamic learning hopes to contribute towards accelerating this understanding by improving Science and Math education. Its goal is to create a huge collection of interactive STEM visualizations and lessons that anybody will have access to, to improve their understanding of the Science and Math concepts.

Why interactive visualizations?

The human visual processing system is highly sophisticated and has been evolved to be extremely good at interpreting and extracting information. This is the reason why the information presented through visuals can be understood way better than that conveyed using written or spoken words alone. Images short circuit brain to understand information better. But we can do even better. When compared to images or videos, interactive visualizations and simulations have way more explanatory power because it allows the users to directly interact with the system in whichever way they want to observe how it behaves in different situations.

But interactive visualizations are difficult to create. Only through a collective effort, we can produce a good collection of them. As more and more teachers and creative coders come and collaborate through Dynamic learning, an ever increasing collection of interactive visualizations that anybody can customize and use according to their needs will be created.

p5.js and p5.js web editor

p5.js is a Javascript library that helps to create interactive visualizations very easily and quickly. The online text editor for p5 enables you to very quickly spin up a p5 project and develop the simulations fully online. You are not limited to p5.js alone. You are free to use any other Javascript libraries which will serve the purpose. The simulations created in the editor can then be imported to Dynamic learning to create lessons.